Android ‘@Work’ minis show mascot holding Pixelbook, more

The latest set of Android minis from Dead Zebra show the beloved mascot “@Work” in a variety of jobs, including a depiction of an IT manager holding a Pixelbook and one wearing a smartwatch.

Over the years, design brand Dead Zebra has offered numerous officially licensed toys, minis, and stickers based on the Android mascot. The brand has also crafted some products themed after other Google properties like Dino, Chrome’s offline dinosaur mascot.

The latest batch of Android mascot merchandise comes in a series of miniature figures depicting Android “@Work.” In total, there are 12 new figures, each depicting Android in a different career, including the appropriate clothes and accessories for that job.

Some of our favorites include the reporter (of course) which features a sharply-dressed mascot with a camera & microphone and the apron-wearing Android barista with a coffee cup; what’s especially fun about this set is the attention to details. For example, the tech support Android figure has a security badge loosely tied around its neck and is holding a 2017 Google Pixelbook. Meanwhile, the coder figure has a phone in its hand, and a (Pixel?) watch painted on its wrist.

The full set goes into a diverse group of workers including farmers, doctors, construction workers, and more:

  • Agriculture / Farmer / Field Worker (with cap)
  • Café / Barista / Roaster (with mug)
  • Chef / Baker / Food Service (with chef hat & knife)
  • Contractor / Construction / Lineworker (with hardhat & screwdriver)
  • Developer / Coder / Cyber Security (with laptop & phone)
  • Executive / Lawyer / Investor (with briefcase & phone)
  • Healthcare / Doctor / Nurse (with mask & stethoscope)
  • Logistics / Mail / Delivery / Messenger (with cap & package)
  • Reporter / Journalist / Correspondent (with mic, camera & phone)
  • Teacher / Counselor / Consultant (with briefcase & notebook)
  • Tech Support / IT / Engineer (with badge, Pixelbook & cable)
  • Waitstaff / Host / Bartender / Sommelier (with towel & bottle)

For now, Dead Zebra simply has this set listed as “coming soon,” with price or release date shown. Based on the similarly-detailed “Activate” set that the brand currently offers, we expect the Android @Work minis to retail somewhere around $12 each.

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