Apple has reached a settlement in its multi-year copyright lawsuit against Corellium, a company known for creating virtual versions of iOS for security research purposes, Forbes reports.

The lawsuit, initiated by Apple in 2019, accused Corellium of infringing upon its copyrights by replicating iOS. Corellium’s technology allowed security researchers and developers to run virtual iPhones, enabling them to probe iOS outside of Apple’s own security measures. This capability was at the core of Apple’s allegations, claiming that Corellium’s software not only replicated iOS but also served as an alternative to Apple’s security research products.

Corellium defended its actions under fair use, asserting that its replication of iOS was solely for the purpose of security research and was substantially transformative. In 2021, Apple agreed to drop its claims but then filed an appeal that challenged an earlier ruling in favor of Corellium’s fair use claim.

This week, the court announced that both Apple and Corellium have ultimately come to a confidential settlement, bringing the prolonged dispute to an end.

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