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Apple’s “malicious compliance” with Europe’s Digital Markets Act (DMA) is burning bridges with the very people the company needs to make Vision Pro a success, argues a new editorial.

The piece suggests that Vision Pro’s current market is so small that developers can afford to ignore it – or even ensure their iPad apps can’t run on it – which is something they are more likely to do if they are angered by Apple’s treatment of them …

Your quick primer on the Digital Markets Act

The DMA is a piece of antitrust legislation aimed at tech companies. The goal is to increase competition in the sector by removing some of the advantages held by tech giants.

The thinking is that when you reach a certain size in the market, you can effectively use your market dominance to make it very hard for smaller companies to compete, and to impose unfair terms.

Apple’s App Store was held to do this, because the store was the only place a developer could sell an iPhone app, so they were forced to agree to whatever terms Apple chose to impose. The EU ruled that Apple must allow third-party app stores, and let developers opt out of the official one.

Apple’s proposals come under fire

Apple announced that it would indeed allow third-party app store, but with some extremely tough requirements which would make it impossible for most developers to create one – and would also ensure any who chose to sell their app through a competing store would likely be worse off financially.

Unsurprisingly, the company has come under significant fire for the terms it has chosen to impose.

The Coalition for App Fairness – an admittedly…

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