Apple Watch fall detection helps rescue cyclist after crash during downpour | Technology

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Apple Watch is a must-have accessory for every cyclist. That’s become time and again it has proven critical for helping cyclists after a crash. Eric Zollinger from New York is the latest Apple Watch wearer to know firsthand.

The New York Post has the story:

“Apple’s digital guardian angel has come to the rescue again: This time, a New York man claims that his wrist device saved his life by dialing 911 following a horrific bike accident that left him looking like a “monster.”

“I feel very fortunate and grateful at what transpired and happened in how my Apple Watch helped me,” Eric Zollinger, 49, told Kennedy News while recounting the harrowing tale. “It’s very clever of the watch. Apple thinks of everything.”

The crash occurred during an otherwise routine ride between work and home. The only difference was the weather.

Unfortunately, his commute went south after coming upon an “8-inch-deep” pothole filled with water, which concealed it like a booby trap. 

“We had had a massive storm so the pothole was completely flooded,” Zollinger recalled. “All of a sudden I looked up, and it’s all flooded and there was traffic behind me. I had to ride through it.”

Disaster struck after his bike hit the impromptu watering hole and got stuck, causing him to fly off onto the pavement.

After the crash, Zollinger felt well enough to walk the bike home and hop in the shower. However, he noticed a lot of blood loss from his nose as he was showering. He quickly became dizzy and passed out.

“After trying to stand up, the cyclist grew dizzy and fainted, smacking his body on the side of the tub. He then awoke a…”

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