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Apple’s Scary Fast event saw the very first update to the 24-inch iMac. Much like the other devices revealed on that pre-Halloween night, the real highlight of the announcement has the new M3 chip basking in all the glory. I’ve been using the new M3 iMac all week since launch, and have some quick hands-on thoughts.

Apple’s 24-inch iMac immediately caught my eye back when it first launched in 2021. I rushed to an Apple retail store on launch day two years ago to secure my shiny new machine, and put it through its paces as an everyday driver for well over a year and a half. Then, I moved to New York.

Space was limited, and I knew that making the switch to a MacBook-centred workstation was going to be the right call. So I parted ways with my beloved all-in-one to take a more streamlined approach to my setup. But I can’t say that I never looked back…

Fast forward to October, and Apple throws the 24-inch iMac a bone by upgrading it for the first time with that brand new M3 chip. It may have been one of the more expected squares on the keynote bingo card to get checked off, but the reveal was still just what I needed to hear as someone missing her colorful desktop Mac. So I locked in my order, and picked it up on Tuesday night.

I’ve been using the machine all week, and am thrilled to be back to having the iMac on my desk. It’s hilariously the opposite decision of what 9to5Mac‘s Chance Miller just did, switching from a MacBook Air and Mac Studio to one of Apple’s new 14-inch M3 MacBook Pros. Now on the other side of the equation, I find myself loving the dual MacBook and iMac setup.

Sure, there might not be anything entirely new with the 24-inch iMac, but the M3 performance has been deeply appreciated. The design remains so unapologetically Apple, and quite frankly, unmatched in the world of desktops. I…

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