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In the barely two weeks since its debut, Beeper Mini and its sibling, Beeper Cloud, have experienced several major outages to iMessage support on Android and other platforms by Apple’s hand and, this evening, it’s happening yet again.

Beeper has been operating iMessage support on Android, Windows, and other platforms for the past couple of years based on a Mac server farm, but the company broke new ground earlier this month when it debuted a new reverse-engineered method of tapping into iMessage which allowed users to send and receive messages with a direct connection to Apple.

However, Apple has vowed to shut the method down, and as a result, service has become more than a little unstable for users.

The first outage to Beeper Mini and Beeper Cloud, the two products using this reverse-engineered method, struck on December 8. Service was restored not long after, but Apple has continued to block the method. On December 13, Beeper confirmed that Apple was blocking around 5% of Beeper Mini and Cloud users, and was able to roll out another fix in the days to follow.

Now, Beeper Mini and Beeper Cloud have been hit yet again, this time taking out “more than 60%” of users who have iMessage active on their accounts.

The outage, which appears to have been ongoing since the early hours of December 17 (personally, I’ve been unable to send messages all day, and it’s been widely mentioned in the Beeper subreddit), was confirmed by Beeper’s Eric Migicovsky through a message to users on Beeper Cloud.

The message reads:

More than 60% of Beeper Mini and Cloud users are currently unable to send or receive iMessages at this…

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