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Invitation-only social media app Bluesky has just hit 2M users one year after launch, and just a couple of months after reaching the 1M user milestone …

The company made the announcement in a blog post.

Exactly one year ago, on November 16, 2022, the first post on Bluesky was created.

Fast forward a year later, and we’ve just crossed two million users after opening the app to users around February. We’re excited to continue growing a truly open social network.

Public web access next

Currently, you need a Bluesky account to be able to read posts, but the company says this will change later this month.

More exciting news: around the end of this month, we’ll release a public web interface. With this, you’ll be able to view posts on Bluesky without being logged in on an account.

This will make posts on Bluesky much more accessible, which will be especially useful for real-time commentary and breaking news.

Bluesky reminds users that all posts have always been public through the API, but never before accessible to anyone on the web.

Federation coming early next year

The Twitter/X experience has shown the dangers of being locked into a social media platform, as you never know when it may change beyond all recognition – or, indeed, go bust.

Federation is a way to free social media users from dependence on a single platform. Instead of the data being held centrally by a single company, it is distributed across independently-hosted servers. Everyone has ownership over their own data, and can retain both posts and contacts if they decide to jump ship, or a service goes down.

Bluesky says that federation will happen early next year. The post includes a not-too-subtle dig at X owner Elon Musk, with a…

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