Mysterious Windows 11 taskbar with rounded corners show up in preview, but it could be a bug

We’ve known for a while that rounded corners are now part of Microsoft’s product design language. With Windows 11, Microsoft confirmed that rounded corners will be part of all upcoming…

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Microsoft is bringing one of the new Windows 11 features to Windows 10

Microsoft is bringing Windows 11’s new printing capabilities to Windows 10 as it remains fully committed to the old operating system. Microsoft has previously stated that a “scoped set of…

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Intel GPU WDDM 3.1 drivers released for Windows 11 22H2, here’s everything new

While Windows 11 22H2 is currently in testing and its commercial release is still weeks away, chipmakers like Intel have decided to update their drivers early. Intel has rolled out…

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Microsoft is testing a new design for Windows 11’s Shut down dialog

Windows 11 launched last year and if you’ve already downloaded and installed it, you’re probably aware of the fact that the operating system is far from finished. Unlike Windows 7…

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Windows 11 22H2 version may fix an odd bug that’s slowing down some PCs

Windows 11 has a nasty bug that causes unexpected high CPU usage, according to several reports in Microsoft’s own Feedback Hub. The CPU usage spike, which slows down the system,…

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Windows 11’s next update won’t remove Control Panel, but more options will move to Settings

Microsoft has been slowly making the Control Panel obsolete and more pages are moving to the Windows Settings app. It looks like the next Windows 11 update, possibly a cumulative…

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Microsoft begins preparing Windows 10 22H2 feature update for public rollout

Windows 10 version 22H2 has been unofficially confirmed by Microsoft. This could be the next feature update for the operating system and it will begin rolling out to consumers in…

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KB5015882, KB5015814 updates break Start menu in Windows 11

The last two cumulative updates for Windows 11 – KB5015882 and KB5015814 – are causing major issues for some users, according to several reports and Microsoft’s own documentation. The latest…

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Windows 11 KB5015882 brings new features and more

KB5015882 is now rolling out in the production channel and it brings new features to Windows 11 version 21H2. Like every other update, today’s optional update is rolling out via…

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Windows 11 Build 25163 released with new taskbar overflow feature

Windows 11 Build 25163 is now available for download in the Dev Channel with a few new features, including a new taskbar feature that improves the overflow UI. In Build…

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Microsoft begins experimenting with taskbar upgrade for Windows 11

Windows 11 was launched last year with a lot of controversial and radical changes, including a new Start menu and more. If you recently upgraded to Windows 11 and were…

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Microsoft tests new design styles for search on Windows 11 taskbar

Windows 11 taskbar is getting a new feature, but it’s not the one you were hoping for. While features like the ability to move the taskbar or ungroup icons remain…

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