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Hollow Knight: Silksong’s release date may be announced soon | Gaming

Compressed Img Yhqjnenyh68es2ffszy1ghqn.png

Region Sud Embarks on Innovative AI Partnership with Microsoft | Windows

Stack Visio Pro.jpg

Buy Microsoft Project 2021 Pro or Visio 2021 for $24 (ends tonight) | Windows

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Looking for a new mousepad? Razer’s latest decides that you need MORE RGB in your life, and I’m into it | Gaming

Copilot Automatically Installs On Windows Server 2022.jpg

Microsoft Copilot app spotted in Windows Server 2022, but it does nothing for now | Windows

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The Microsoft Store just got a big speed boost on Windows 11 | Gaming

Coalition Logo.png

Coalition reveals new integrations with Microsoft 365, Google Workspace, & Amazon Web Services | Windows

16microsoft Ai Promo Wzbg Facebookjumbo.jpg

Microsoft Makes High-Stakes Play in Tech Cold War With Emirati A.I. Deal | Windows

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Brace yourselves: Microsoft wants to put ads in Windows 11’s Start menu | Windows

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YouTuber ports thousands of apps to Windows 95 | Gaming

Windows Update Breaking Apps.jpg

Windows 11 is now available for more Intel Windows 10 PCs | Windows

Tim Jackson Access4.jpg

Access4 Launches Flex for Microsoft Teams – Distribution – Software | Windows

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Best AI PC in 2024: Intel and AMD laptops with CPU, GPU, and NPU for tasks powered by artificial intelligence | Gaming

Windows 11 Kb5037000 Beta Adds A New Settings Page For Managing Devices.jpg

Windows 11 KB5037000 beta adds a new Settings page for managing devices | Windows

Sarah Bowden Sydney 2022 Hr 29 Resized.jpg

CRN Pipeline: Microsoft Channel Sales Director Sarah Bowden to chart next steps in Copilot partner journey – Strategy – Cloud – Services – Software | Windows

Windows 11 Intel Wireless Drivers.jpg

Intel is again trying to fix blue screen crashes on Windows 11 & 10 caused by its drivers | Windows

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