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One of the main new features of the iPhone 15 Pro is the Action Button, which has replaced the classic Mute Switch with a new customizable button that can do pretty much whatever the user wants. Now that the iPhone 15 Pro has been available for a while, we want to know more about how you’ve been using the Action Button.

How I use the Action Button on the iPhone 15 Pro Max

Before the iPhone 15 Pro was announced, I was a bit worried about the rumors of the Action Button replacing the Mute Switch because that was one of my favorite parts of the iPhone. I could easily mute and unmute my phone simply by swiping my finger on the switch without looking at it. It wasn’t a life-changing feature, but I always enjoyed having it.

Now that the Action Button is here, and I’ve been using my iPhone 15 Pro Max for over a month, I have a few thoughts about it.

Moving from the Mute Switch to the Action Button wasn’t as terrible as I thought. At first, it was, but now I’m used to pressing the button and identifying the haptic feedback to know when the phone has been muted or unmuted. It wasn’t a big deal.

But the Action Button is more than that, and I tried to exploit its full potential. Users can choose from various options, including toggling a Focus Mode, turning the flashlight on or off, recording a voice memo, opening the camera or any other app, and even running Shortcuts – which makes the possibilities endless.

But at the end of the day, I realized I always forget to use the Action Button to run my chosen action. I tried using it to open the camera, but most of the time, I opened it from the Lock Screen. I’ve also tried using it with Shortcuts (Halide has some really cool actions available), but I also forget to interact with the button.

Things I don’t like

One thing that bothers me about the Action Button,…

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