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Even before generative AI, it was clear that Google Assistant was in retreat. Now that Google is in its “Gemini era,” what’s next for Assistant?

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At its height, Assistant was the connectivity tissue between Google products. My favorite example of this was “Google Assistant” being listed on the Pixel 3 tech specs page under “Operating System.” Then there was Assistant Driving Mode replacing Android Auto on phone screens, which ended up being a failure.

Around 2021 and certainly by 2022, it was clear that Assistant was no longer Google’s big priority. Google was specifically pulling back on Assistant experiences outside of the core voice competency. This included the Driving Mode Dashboard and the Snapshot feed, as well as a “Memory” surface that looked to supercharge reminders and saving content on Android.

What Google Assistant is today 

On Android phones, Gemini is ascendent and clearly what the company is focusing on. It’s interesting how Google describes the difference:

  • Gemini, Google’s experimental Al-powered assistant, can help you get creative inspiration and be more productive
  • Google Assistant is a voice-forward conversational helper you can use to get things done

That said, there are still a number of Assistant-branded experiences. Google’s list includes:

  • When you get info and updates from At a Glance.
  • When you use the mic in the Google Maps app search bar, and when you…

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