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The new Oceanic+ 2.0 app finally supports freediving of up to 130 feet (40 meters) on both the original Apple Watch Ultra and the new Ultra 2.

The ability to use the Apple Watch Ultra as a fully-fledged dive computer was one of the headline features when Apple launched the original model, but it’s taken some time for all the promised features to arrive …

The Oceanic+ app was not available when the original Ultra first launched, and when it did launch, it didn’t support freediving – diving without air tanks or rebreathers.

Developer Huish Outdoors says that Freedive mode is now supported.

Divers can now use their Apple Watch Ultra and Apple Watch Ultra 2 for freediving to 130 feet (40 meters). The new Freedive mode is packed with advanced features specific to training and freediving with custom alarms for target depth, max dive time, sequential depth, surface time, and max session time. For each alarm, the diver will receive both haptic and visual notifications. Additional features include surface heart rate tracking, heart rate training zones, surface data, and more.

Freedive mode includes a feature called “Stealth mode” which will automatically dim the screen while underwater. Stealth mode disables all haptics and alarms and reduces the display brightness by 90% while diving. This clever feature ensures freedivers won’t startle the fish during their dive. When back on the surface, the display automatically goes back to normal brightness, keeping all surface alarms intact to help fine-tune training.

As with scuba dives, freedives can be reviewed in an automatically created logbook on your iPhone.

With a simple click of the logbook, a detailed view of each individual dive made is shown. This includes the total session time, max dive time, max depth achieved, total number of dives, and coldest water…

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