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As of late, there’s been increased chatter about AI agents that take a command and physically perform the task, including the needed taps and swipes, on your phone. This talk of building an AI agent reminds me a great deal of the “new Google Assistant” that was announced with the Pixel 4 in 2019.

At I/O 2019, Google first demoed this next-generation Assistant. The premise was that on-device voice processing would make it so that “tapping to operate your phone would almost seem slow.”

Google demoed simple commands that involve opening and controlling apps, while the more complex idea was “how the Assistant fused into the device could orchestrate tasks across apps.” The example was receiving an incoming text, replying via voice, and then getting the idea to search for and send an accompanying photo. Being able to “Operate” and “Multi-task” was rounded out by a natural language “Compose” capability in Gmail.

This next-generation Assistant will let you instantly operate your phone with your voice, multitask across apps, and complete complex actions, all with nearly zero latency.

The new Assistant launched on the Pixel 4 later that year and has been available on all subsequent Google devices.

  • “Take a selfie.” Then say “Share this with Ryan.”
  • In a chat thread, say “Reply, I’m on my way.”
  • “Search for yoga classes on YouTube.” Then say “Share this with mom.”
  • “Show me emails from Michelle on Gmail.”
  • With the Google Photos app open, say “Show me New York pictures.” Then say “The ones at Central…

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