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We live in an age where AI is dominating the whole tech space, and it’s also coming for physical products too. And, ahead of the Pixel 8 series coming to market, it seems abundantly clear that Google is leaning very heavily on AI to bolster its new smartphones.

Pixel phones have always tried to use various types of AI to differentiate themselves right from the beginning. With the introduction of the first Pixel, Google sold the device on being “AI-first” with the debut of the Google Assistant, and that focus has remained in the years since. There are countless examples, such as Top Shot and Night Sight on the Pixel 3, the Pixel 4’s use of on-device AI for Google Lens and the Recorder app, and more.

Perhaps the single biggest push for AI that Google made was with the Pixel 6 series, with the debut of the Tensor processor, which literally came into existence for the ability to put a bigger focus on AI, as our Abner Li explained:

But that focus on AI has always been a bit passive, with Google developing major AI advancements for the Pixel but selling them with clever marketing names or phrases.

It’s on the Pixel 8 that the word “AI” is taking the spotlight.

A leaked video posted by 91Mobiles reveals a ton of the new features coming to the Google Pixel 8 series, primarily focusing on camera features for both devices, including Audio Eraser and more. Many of the features rely heavily on AI, such as a wild new feature that allows Google Photos to literally change the faces of subjects in a photo. We’ve got more on all of the camera details in another post.

Here, we want to focus on the overall AI push Google is making, with the tagline that Pixel 8 is “engineered by Google, with AI controlled by you.”

The ad later goes on to touch on safety and security, highlighting the new Titan M2 and Tensor G3…

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