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If you were wondering if Google would be able to outsmart Artificial Intelligence, the early answers are certainly not looking good. Anecdotally, bot sites that have existed long before generative AI are likely going to embrace the new wave of technology to speed up their plagiarism, thus more robustly fooling Google into thinking that they are actual news sites, leading to Google promoting these stolen articles through the wildly popular and widely used Google News.

Anyone who has had to deal with Google Publisher services knows that the company has long ago abandoned its Publisher “partners” when it comes to reporting false news sites, plagiarism, or low-value content. Google has been promoting sites “too small to have their own advertising department” artificially for years.

We’ve long reported when we’ve seen news sites copy-paste our work. Unfortunately, those sites often stay live for weeks if not in perpetuity. Not only do we use the almost totally useless tools Google provides, but we also ping executives.

With AI and Large Language Models (LLMs), it has gotten a lot harder and Google, after years of letting its News product degrade for easy AdSense money, is now ripe for exploitation by even easily-identified scrapers. As LLMs improve, they will become harder to identify. But what chance does Google have when it can’t even identify the low-value content it has been promoting for years?

Today’s example:

Rivian, the EV truck maker, released a software update last night that bricked many of its user’s infotainment systems. I reported on the outage early this morning for 9to5Google sister site Electrek. Within minutes, two separate AI sites had run my post through an AI generator and spit out similar…

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