Google sends out in-depth survey about Home app Public Preview


Some users of the Google Home app Public Preview have received a thorough survey asking them to rate the redesigned experience. Spanning 20+ pages, it appears as a card in the Activity tab.

After confirming that you are indeed using the Public Preview, Google asks Android or iOS, country (US, UK, Australia, Canada, France, Japan, or other), what type of devices you have in the Home app: Thermostats, Other, Lights, Chromecast, Displays, Cameras, Speakers, Doorbells, Sensors, Locks, and Wi-Fi routers.

There are some questions about “Technology Attitudes” to gauge what kind of user you are.

Moving on to the actual product, you’re asked whether you’d “recommend the Public Preview version of the Google Home app to your friends and family,” and your satisfaction with it. You’re then asked to explain both responses.

Which smart home features and device types have you been using with the Public Preview version of the Google Home app? Select all that apply.

  • Lighting
  • Home feed and history
  • Camera – live view
  • Camera – history
  • Media & entertainment
  • Thermostats
  • Wifi network
  • Routines / automation
  • Sensors (motion, temp, etc.)
  • Settings

In a Cameras section, you’re asked whether you have used current or previous generation Nest Cam (the Hub Max is listed in the latter) with the new Home app. Google also asks whether you’ve done the same with Arlo or Logitech cameras.

Camera – Details dives deeper with questions about the level of video history you have (No subscription, Nest Aware, Aware Plus), and overall satisfaction with the video experience. You can also go in-depth into why you dislike the Live view, Reviewing recorded video, Navigating footage history, Quickly accessing camera controls, and Communicating with visitors experiences.

There’s also a question about whether you “prefer using the vertical timeline view or the horizontal events view” for video history.

Other key sections include Favorites & Controls, Lighting, Entertainment, and Automations Tab & Routines — with a breakout on Household Routines. Google also asks about the Home & Away switcher and Settings tab.

Which do you prefer for managing your smart home devices: the new Public Preview version, or the previous 2-tab version, of the Google Home app?

Towards the end, Google asks whether you prefer the previous version of the Google Home app or the Public Preview, and if you’ve used the Nest app recently and how that compares.

You can take the “Google Home App – Public Preview survey” here. Since it’s a Google Form, you should be able… Source

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