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Opensignal has released its latest in-depth report on the overall mobile experience and 5G performance of the major US carriers. Through the end of 2023, T-Mobile has held onto its sizeable lead for metrics like download and upload speed and 5G availability. But Verizon was able to win more categories this time around. Here’s how much faster T-Mobile measured than its competitors and the rest of the detailed metrics in Opensignal’s new study.

Opensignal published its January 2024 Mobile Network Experience Report for the US this morning, covering data collected between September and December 2023. The study is based on millions of devices and billions of measurements.

Keeping on with what Opensignal has found in its reports over the last couple of years – same for reports from Ookla – T-Mobile kept its overall lead for the fastest and most consistent mobile experience.

However, Verizon noticed up a number of wins for the 5G experience. Here’s a look at how the carriers compared with T-Mobile taking 9 wins, Verizon 5, and AT&T 1.

Download speed

Here’s how performance compared for overall 4G/5G average download speeds – T-Mobile at a 113.1 Mbps average, more than 2x Verizon and AT&T. For reference, T-Mobile increased from 97 Mbps in the last study while AT&T and Verizon moved up from 40 and 34, respectively.


Like last time, the one category AT&T was able to win was availability. However, all 3 carriers were very close.

5G availability

But for 5G availability, T-Mobile blew Verizon and AT&T out of the water:

5G video experience

One important category Verizon led was the…

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