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After having spent a month with my Oura Ring and many more months than that with my Apple Watch, there are a few features that both the Oura Ring and its companion app have that Apple Watch and Apple Fitness would be keen to pay attention to.

I want to make it clear that I am not going to suggest which health tracker, the Apple Watch or the Oura Ring, I think is a better device on a holistic level. They are both excellent in their own right, they both have subscription upgrade options ($5.99/month for the Oura Ring companion app, $9.99/month for Apple Fitness+), and they both serve slightly different purposes.

Notification motivation

Both Oura Ring and Apple Fitness notifications appear on an Apple Watch, and something I noticed early on with Oura Ring’s notifications is that they are a whole lot gentler. Where Apple Fitness notification will tell you it’s “Time to stand!”, Oura’s notification will ask the interrogative: “Time to stretch your legs a bit?”

The difference in the two approaches that Oura Ring and Apple Fitness take to get me off of the couch and move around for a minute is stark. I have never responded well to imperatives, as we are surrounded by them all the time – people sending you content telling you to watch this video or to read that article, and so on and so forth. Not to mention the rampant imperatives in advertising (“Refresh! Rejuvenate! Relax!”) that we are constantly confronted with on a daily basis.

People, writ large, don’t respond as well to commands as they do suggestions – the old “you catch more flies with honey…

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