Highlighting a Banner Year for PowerEdge

Dell announced the latest generation of PowerEdge servers, a portfolio that is performance‑optimized to encompass a wide range of use cases. There are PowerEdge servers for workloads around cloud, IoT and AI/ML, as well as more traditional workloads like databases and VDI. For new edge-centric requirements, we also announced ruggedized, short‑depth servers, ideal for telecom and military applications.

Our servers raise the bar for performance and acceleration in a modern and resilient IT infrastructure. The industry has noticed as well, awarding two PowerEdge models with “product of the year” awards.

CRN’s 2021 Product of the Year: Industry-Standard Servers – Subcategory Winner—Technology

The Dell PowerEdge XE8545 is a 2021 Product of the Year Subcategory Winner—Technology by CRN. Designed for Artificial Intelligence, High-Performance Computing (HPC) and GPU virtualization, the XE8545 combines the latest generation of AMD EPYC processors with the highest performing NVIDIA GPU technology. The high-performance server includes optimized CPU to GPU performance and accelerated I/O throughput for increased storage speed and reduced data latency. Furthermore, the XE8545 is completely air cooled for greater efficiency and lower cost of operation.

The IT Pro Product of the Year 2021: Best 1U Server

IT Pro 1U Server of the Year Award for the PowerEdge R650. IT Pro selected the Dell PowerEdge R650 as the Best 1U server of 2021. This powerful, space efficient server takes high-density processing to new heights. Packed with several features, the R650 includes 3rd generation Intel Xeon Processors, 4TB of memory capacity, and more storage options. Dell also improved the internal design to deliver more efficient cooling. For liquid cooled data centers, the PowerEdge R650 will also support direct contact liquid cooling (DCLC).

Additional industry accolades that PowerEdge servers earned also include:

Recent PowerEdge server awards from StorageReview.com and IT Pro.


 The IT Pro Products of the Year 2021

    • The Dell PowerEdge R750 was highly commended in the 2U server category
    • The Dell PowerEdge T550 was highly commended in the desktop server category

IT Pro Editor’s Choice: 5 Stars

IT Pro Recommended Award

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To learn how our award-winning servers can address your performance and acceleration needs, visit the PowerEdge home page.

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