How Does Microsoft Make Money From Windows 11? | Windows

Microsoft Windows has the highest market share in the desktop operating system space in every part of the world. The dominant status of Windows in the desktop OS market helps Microsoft make lots of money. The software giant has plenty of strategies in place to make money simply by getting you to use Windows 11.

Even if you’re using Windows 11 for free, you’re directly or indirectly helping Microsoft to make money. But how exactly did that happen? Let’s enlighten you with the multiple ways the company earns money.

1. Microsoft Earns Money by Selling Windows 11 Licenses

You can install Windows 11 on any computer that meets the minimum requirement to run the OS. Unlike Apple, Microsoft sells Windows 11 licenses so that you can make your PC using all the best components available.

You can buy Windows 11 licenses from the Microsoft Store or other authorized retailers. Microsoft earns profit for every license sold everywhere in the world.

Microsoft also charges a fee from Windows PC makers for pre-installing Windows 11 on their laptops, all-in-one PCs, and other devices that run Windows 11 desktop OS. While you don’t pay for the license separately while purchasing a Windows laptop, laptop makers include that fee in their final pricing.

In short, Microsoft earns money every time a PC is purchased, or someone buys a license separately to build his custom PC.

2. Microsoft Sells Subscriptions to Windows 11 Users

When you start using Windows 11, the chances are high that you’ll end up using some of Microsoft’s apps and services, some of which are paid. Like it or not, Microsoft keeps promoting its paid subscription offering, like Microsoft 365, through various apps and services.

For example, on opening the Microsoft Store, you’ll see Microsoft promoting its Microsoft 365 apps by highlighting some of their benefits.

Much of Microsoft’s paid subscriptions are available…

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