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Apple officially launched the new iPhone 15 series today. Everyone in particular is ranting and raving about just how great the Natural Titanium style is – our very own Chance Miller included. Meanwhile, I am just absolutely delighted by the new Blue Titanium stylings of Apple’s latest.

It’s been all hands-on deck here with covering the launch of iPhone 15 today. A few of us here at 9to5 have already chimed in with our own thoughts so far, and now I’m tapping in to share my own first impressions of the iPhone 15 Pro – mainly on the Blue Titanium colorway.

When I told everyone which style of Apple’s new handset I pre-ordered last week, I heard every joke in the book about fingerprints. Many first impressions from back in Cupertino noted how much of a magnet for marks the Blue Titanium stylings were, so I knew what I was supposedly getting into. But after nearly half a day with the new smartphone, I’d say the rumors were deeply exaggerated.

If anything, it’s a very notable upgrade! I am coming from a blue iPhone 14 Pro. Its stainless-steel bumper was so bad with fingerprints that if you so much gestured at it, the smartphone would be smudged up and down the sides. By comparison, the titanium rails on the 15 Pro take a lot kindlier to smudges.

So, if you want to score yourself that slick new blue iPhone but are worried about fingerprints ruining the pristine aesthetics, I’m here to tell you it’s not as bad as what you’ll read online.

Otherwise, I am in the same boat as my colleagues. I love the rounded edges that Apple went with this time around. iPhone 15 Pro almost feels soft, which is such a weird thing to note for a smartphone made out of titanium. The thinner bezels may seem like a small upgrade, but spending just a few hours with the new design has already made going back to the 14 Pro’s…

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