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A year ago, filmmaker Joey Helms created a stunning example of the video capabilities of the iPhone 14 Pro – and he’s back with an even more impressive example of iPhone 15 Pro cinematic video (below).

Helms told us that the addition this year of the LOG Image Profile was by far the greatest improvement, but there are other worthwhile upgrades too …

He told us that the video capabilities of iPhones have remained ahead of Android smartphones for some years now, and that it’s not entirely fair to dismiss the iPhone 15 Pro as an incremental upgrade when it comes to shooting moving images.

Top of the list of new features, he says, is the ability to shoot in LOG. This is essentially a RAW format for video and offers the best starting point for later color grading – but it offers another big benefit too.

Shooting in LOG Image Profile is by far the biggest improvement. Not only because that LOG image provides a wider dynamic range and more flexibility in colour grading (and you do need to color grade, since a LOG image is extremely flat and desaturate) but enabling LOG on the iPhone 15 Pro has one additional effect on the overall image – no more ugly digital sharpening.

A clear giveaway of smartphone footage has always been an over sharpened image which particularly stands out once you watch a video on screen larger than a phone. When shooting in LOG on the iPhone now there is no more digital sharpening applied, making the image look more natural and organic, something we love from our favourite movies.

Helm shot in ProRes last year but says that the ability to do so at 60fps in 4K is a worthwhile improvement.

Being able to now record in this professional grade video codec at 60 frames per seconds is certainly a nice update, allowing you to slow down the footage in post and give it slight slow motion effect…

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