Lenovo Collaborates with Jabra to Introduce New ThinkSmart Bar 180 Solution and Announces Windows Autopilot Support for ThinkSmart Portfolio | Technology

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November 14, 2023 – Lenovo™ announced today the new ThinkSmart Bar 180 bar for small and medium meeting spaces. The integrated room system, offered in collaboration with Jabra, combines an intelligent video bar with the Lenovo ThinkSmart Core and Controller for a complete, intelligent room system. Using AI-enabled video and audio streams, the new co-branded ThinkSmart Bar 180 delivers a more seamless, inclusive, and premium collaboration experience. Lenovo also announced Windows Autopilot support for the full portfolio of Lenovo ThinkSmart collaboration devices.

ThinkSmart Bar 180

AI Enabled Audio/Video for Small and Medium Rooms

The small, easy to manage form factor of the ThinkSmart Bar 180 features a 180-degree field of view achieved through an innovative three camera system unique among front of room solutions. The camera provides full room coverage in panoramic 4K resolution through seamless real-time video stitching, creating a more natural visual experience for remote meeting participants. The wide visual field, combined with world-class audio capabilities and onboard intelligence, create three configurable video modes— Intelligent Zoom, Virtual Director, and Dynamic Composition.

With Intelligent Zoom, meeting participants are always presented with an optimal view, as the smart camera frames all of the people present within that 180-degree field of view and dynamically adjusts as people enter, leave, and move about the room. Virtual Director provides a different perspective, focusing on the active speaker and changing the focus from person to person as the conversation flows naturally. And with Dynamic Composition meeting participants have better context for what is happening in the room both audibly and visually as people in the room are automatically detected and prioritization is given to recent speakers.

The smart collaboration system also features intelligent microphones that identify the voices of up to ten meeting participants in a room for applications such as live transcription. And dual-stream whiteboard makes collaboration easier, displaying both whiteboard content and in-room participants simultaneously without the need for a dedicated content camera.

The ThinkSmart Bar 180 intelligent video bar integrates seamlessly with the Lenovo ThinkSmart Core and Controller — devices developed for small and medium meeting spaces and engineered for teamwork. The ThinkSmart Core features 11th generation Intel Core vPro processors and runs on Windows 10 IOT Enterprise, it is designed for performance as well as a long lifecycle and offers hardware-based security features through Lenovo ThinkShield.

The ThinkSmart Bar 180 is also…

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