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Vivo just launched the X100 series, consisting of the X100 and X100 Pro. These phones are the first pairing to house MediaTek’s latest chip – the Dimensity 9300.

The Dimensity 9300 was announced exactly one week ago, and is MediaTek’s most impressive chip to date. It runs an impressive “big-core” architecture with four Cortex X4 CPU cores and four Cortex A720 cores, beating Snapdragon’s 8 Gen 3 SoC in larger, more powerful CPU components.

In MediaTek’s announcement, the chip manufacturer referenced key performance stats. The Dimensity 9300 reaches 15% higher performance at the same power levels and delivers a 40% higher peak performance overall, which is a significant upgrade over the Dimensity 9200 of last year.

The company also noted that the Dimensity 9300 would be featured in a new device only days after its announcement. True to its word, the Vivo X100 series was announced today, coming as the first phone to sport the Dimensity 9300 in both the X100 and X100 Pro (via GSMArena).

Each device houses a 6.78-inch 8T LTPO AMOLED display at a resolution of 1260p. They both cap at 120Hz, with a variable refresh rate. The back is where the devices differ. The X100 Pro brings a photography focus with three 50MP cameras and a 1-inch Sony IMX989 sensor, which is also found in the Xiaomi 13 Pro. The X100 Pro also brings an officially certified Zeiss lens that aligns colors in the same plane, bringing clarity to a new level.

If you recall, the Dimensity 9300 was marketed as an SoC with enhanced AI capabilities, and one of those strengths includes AI photography that can distinguish more layers in photos than before and bring those individual planes in a way that improves image quality. With Vivo’s lens architecture, we’re hoping to see some impressive images come out of the X100 Pro.

Both Vivo devices some with…

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