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Shortly after the Vision Pro launched, Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg made it clear that he believes the Quest 3 is the better VR headset, and over the weekend, he again took to Threads to reiterate his belief that the $3,500 Vision Pro is inferior to the $500 Quest 3 (via 9to5Mac).

Analyst Benedict Evans said that the Vision Pro is the “device Meta wants to reach in 3-5 years,” and that it is confusing that Meta VR engineers have suggested the Vision Pro is “basically just the same thing” as the Quest. In response, Zuckerberg said that the Quest “is better” than the Vision Pro now, and that if the Meta Quest has the “motion blur,” weight, or “lack of precision inputs” as the Vision Pro in the future, then Meta will have “regressed significantly.”

I don’t think we’re saying the devices are the same. We’re saying Quest is better. If our devices weigh as much as theirs in 3-5 years, or have the motion blur theirs has, or the lack of precision inputs, etc, then that means we’ll have regressed significantly. Yes, their resolution is higher, but they paid for that with many other product tradeoffs that make their device worse in most ways. That’s not what we aspire to.

Zuckerberg also took offense to the Meta Quest being called “a games device,” and clarified that some of the top apps on the Quest are social, browser, and video player apps.

Actually, 3 of the top 7 Quest apps are already social apps – Horizon, VR Chat, and Rec Room. Browser and video player are top apps too. Fitness isn’t as high up there, but has a passionate community as well. So I think the narrative that these headsets are only for games is out of date. And yes, more resolution is better – but trading off…

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