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MKBHD is back with its annual Smartphone Awards, in which it chooses the best smartphones in different categories. While the iPhone won only one award last year, Apple’s smartphone this year won in two different categories – including best camera in a smartphone. Read on as we detail Marques Brownlee’s choices.

MKBHD Smartphone Awards 2023

This year’s categories are very similar to last year’s, with just a few differences. There’s now a category for foldable phones and another for the best-improved phone. These are the categories for the MKBHD Smartphone Awards 2023:

  • Best Big Phone
  • Best Small Phone
  • Best Camera
  • Best Value
  • Best Battery
  • Best Design
  • Best Foldable
  • Best Improved
  • Bust of the Year
  • Best of the Year

Best Camera and Best Battery: The ones the iPhone won

As mentioned earlier, the iPhone won in two categories at this year’s MKBHD awards: Best Camera and Best Battery in a smartphone. When it comes to the camera, MKBHD has chosen the iPhone 15 Pro as the leader in this category.

According to the YouTuber, there are smartphones that capture better photos than the iPhone, especially with zoom, but the iPhone is still the best for video capture. He praises the consistency of the cameras and the new video capabilities of the iPhone 15 Pro, such as recording in ProRes Log and storing everything directly on an external SSD.

For the Best Battery category, the choice was not the iPhone 15 Pro or 15 Pro Max, but the iPhone 15 Plus. Because it has a 60Hz display that consumes less power, it performs better than the Pro models in this aspect. MKBHD says that the iPhone 15 Plus is ideal for…

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