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Smartphone cases are a place where personal preference reigns, and for many, a lot of cases tend to overdo it on the design, the thickness, and lack key features. But, in collaboration with Google, I think Mous has struck a near-perfect balance with its super-thin Pixel 8 case which adds MagSafe and virtually no bulk.

The case situation for Pixel phones over the past few years has been full of ups and downs. We’ve had killer brands sign on, only to leave with later generations. Really, it’s been a game of playing it pretty safe. Rarely do flashy new designs or features show up on Pixel cases first, if at all.

With its “Super Thin Magnetic Case,” Mous is offering Pixel 8 owners a package that adds minimal thickness to their device, but with the advantage of adding MagSafe support and additional grip.

The key point of this case is that it’s thin and, yep, it sure is. The Mous case is just 1.2mm thick, and hugs the frame of a Pixel 8 like a glove. It’s easy enough to install and remove, but I’m not at all worried about it falling off in a drop.

Mous’ case has a clean, matte finish that either comes in black, or the blue or green signature colors of the Pixel 8 Pro and Pixel 8, respectively. I was lucky enough to get in early on the blue color, which is like a toned-down version of Google’s “Bay.” I quite like the color especially as, generally, this case is at a level of thinness that I only really see on those aramid cases with a carbon fiber-like look. I get why a lot of folks are into that design, but I hate it, so it’s refreshing to get a strong, super-thin case with a simple matte texture and clear design here.

But, as with any thin case, it comes with the trade-off of not being so good at protection. The case here has a lip that barely comes up over the Pixel 8 Pro’s glass, which means that if…

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