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I may have just taken delivery of my shiny new iPhone 15 Pro Max, but I do get to write one last diary post about its predecessor, before it gets unceremoniously packaged up to be sent back to Apple.

Not content with one time-consuming hobby – Argentine tango – I attempted to add another: amateur filmmaking. The latter didn’t get too far, as it struggled to compete for my time and attention (I’ve so far managed just two micro-shorts, totaling all of three-and-a-half minutes), but I did get to combine the two in one project …

The project emerged from the convergence of two different desires. On the filmmaking side, I was keen to try my hand at a short documentary. The key advice I read on this was to ensure the topic is one that interests you a lot, else you’ll never see it through. Check.

On the dance side, there’s a shortage of men in tango*, and I wanted to create a short doc that would allow dancers to share what they love about tango. While the film itself is gender-neutral, my goal is to try to create additional exposure for it with predominantly male audiences – 9to5Mac readers being one of those, of course.

*There’s a whole bigger conversation about the traditional roles in tango, and how this is changing – but while changes in the traditions are part of the solution, bringing more men into tango is definitely a much-needed second element.

The format of the documentary is a dozen interviews shot in my apartment, supplemented by B-roll of the same people dancing in milongas (social dance events).

You can watch the video here, and then I’ll talk about why the iPhone was the perfect camera.

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