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Following the launch of the Vision Pro, Apple has shared additional details about the headset’s Optic ID iris authentication option.

Optic ID can recognize the uniqueness of your irises, the colored part of your eyes, allowing you to quickly unlock your Vision Pro, authorize Apple Pay purchases, sign in to many third-party apps, access sensitive personal data, and more. Apps that support Face ID and Touch ID on the iPhone and iPad automatically support Optic ID. After setting up Optic ID, it also becomes a requirement in order use your Persona.

“In the same way that Touch ID revolutionized authentication using a fingerprint and Face ID revolutionized authentication using facial recognition, Optic ID revolutionizes authentication using iris recognition,” says Apple. “Optic ID provides intuitive and secure authentication that uses the uniqueness of your iris, made possible by Apple Vision Pro’s high-performance eye-tracking system of LEDs and infrared cameras.”

Optic ID scans both of your eyes by default. Given that the size of your irises and pupils change in various lighting conditions, Apple says Optic ID adapts by updating your enrolled template after each successful authentication. Apple ensures that all biometric data is encrypted and never backed up to iCloud or anywhere else.

There is an accessibility option for using Optic ID with one eye only that can be turned on in the Settings app under Accessibility → Eye Input. Optic ID can also be kept off entirely, in which case you authenticate with a passcode only.

For users who require vision correction, Optic ID works with the Vision Pro’s ZEISS optical inserts and prescription soft contact lenses.

Apple says…

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