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One of the more annoying parts of using Android Auto is plugging your phone into the car. In my experience, cables degrade quickly, making the connection unreliable. Hit a bump in the road? Oops, there goes your Android Auto.

Thankfully, our friends at Ottocast have a full lineup of dongles that can easily make your car’s Android Auto wireless – while also supporting wireless CarPlay for iPhone owners! For a limited time, 9to5Google readers can take advantage of an exclusive 25% discount on some of Ottocast’s best Android Auto products by using code “9to5google25” at checkout.

One of the exciting and unique aspects of Ottocast’s wireless lineup is that it’s well-suited to families that are split across the Android/iPhone divide. Before, in order to use Android Auto and CarPlay, you would need to keep both a USB-C cable and a Lightning cable, unplugging and replugging depending on who’s driving. The iPhone 15’s swap to USB-C helps alleviate that somewhat, but not everyone will upgrade right away.

By using one of Ottocast’s Android Auto-compatible dongles – compatible with most Android Auto and CarPlay vehicles – you can easily connect both an iPhone and an Android to it without issue. With the press of a button, you can swap which phone is connected to your car.

Ottoadapter MX

At the forefront of the sale lineup is one of Ottocast’s more affordable options for wireless Android Auto, the Ottoadapter MX. Alongside the ability to connect Android Auto and CarPlay wirelessly, the Ottoadapter MX includes support for AirPlay screen mirroring for YouTube, opening a world of new content for your car’s infotainment…

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