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After taking the top two spots last year, the Pixel Camera swept — in order: 7a, 8 Pro, and Fold — the MKBHD 2023 Blind Camera Smartphone Camera Test.

Marques Brownlee posed for three pictures: Standard (regular daylight), Night (low light), and Portrait with 20 of the year’s smartphones.

20 smartphones have been randomized and assigned a letter. All of them take the same photo. You’ll be shown a comparison side by side, and you pick the better photo until a statistically significant winner emerges.

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This produces an ELO rating, which is most famously used in chess but also basketball and other sports. In terms of average ELO, the 2023 family of Pixel devices swept the blind camera test. Brownlee noted how it amusingly went from cheapest to most expensive ($499, $999, and $1799).

1. Google Pixel 7A: 1660 11. OnePlus 11: 1487
2. Google Pixel 8 Pro: 1655 12. Asus ROG Phone 7: 1473
3. Google Pixel Fold: 1613 13. Asus Zenfone 10: 1472
4. OnePlus Open: 1585 14. Oppo Find X6 Pro: 1472
5. Samsung Galaxy S23: 1568 15. iPhone 15: 1463
6. Samsung Z Flip 5: 1551 16. Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra: 1463
7. iPhone 15 Pro: 1550 17. Fairphone 5: 1449
8. Vivo X90 Pro: 1536 18. Nothing Phone 2: 1388
9. Samsung Z Fold 5: 1504 19. Xiaomi 13 Ultra: 1363
10. Moto RAZR Plus: 1502 20. Sony Xperia 1V: 1240
11.) is pretty lol

In regular daylight, the Pixel 7a (1735 ELO) won the top spot followed by the Pixel Fold (1721) and the OnePlus Open (1690). The OnePlus 11 was 4th (1686) and the Pixel 8 Pro came in fifth (1672). The iPhone 15 Pro had the lowest ELO rating (1187) with an overall darker photo,…

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