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At this time in a couple of days, Google will unveil its new Pixel 8 series smartphones, but that timeline is only making leaks hit the web even faster. Over the weekend, video unboxings of the Pixel 8 and Pixel 8 Pro have hit the web, with a few details confirmed, including the type of fingerprint sensor.

PBKReviews on YouTube posted, via Shorts, unboxings of both the Pixel 8 and the Pixel 8 Pro. The brief videos are pretty much silent, but show us yet again the familiar packaging of Google’s new phones, as well as the contents which includes a USB-C cable and Quick Switch adapter.

This video also gives us our best look yet at the matte glass of the Pixel 8 Pro and the glossy finish of the Pixel 8 in its grey/green color. The Pixel 8 Pro’s flat display is also clearly seen here, and still perhaps the most welcome hardware change we’re seeing in this generation.

It’s through the comments, though, that we get some new information.

According to the channel’s host through comments on the two videos, Pixel 8 and Pixel 8 Pro both still use an optical fingerprint sensor. It’s unclear if a new generation of the tech is being used or if it’s any faster and/or more accurate, but the tech itself is still the same, at least according to the host’s claim – it’s worth noting that the sensor isn’t actually shown in action.

Fingerprint sensors have been used on Pixel phones from the beginning, with the first five generations using rear-mounted sensors. With the Tensor reboot of 2021, Google switched to an optical sensor, with mixed results. The Pixel 6 generation saw many having issues with accuracy and speed, and Pixel 7 only made some moderate improvements. Many fans have called on Google to switch to an ultrasonic sensor, which uses inaudible sound waves to detect your fingerprint as opposed to the bright light…

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