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Pixel Buds Pro Blue Mockup.jpg

Google is preparing to add two new colors of its Pixel Buds Pro, with “Porcelain” and “Sky Blue” set to join the lineup alongside Pixel 8 this Fall.

The Pixel Buds Pro first launched in July 2022 around the same time as the Pixel 6a. The “flagship” earbuds debuted as Google’s first with active noise cancelling, and also support features such as Spatial Audio and more. Pixel Buds Pro have been available for $199 since their 2022 launch and that have been available in four colors – Charcoal, Lemongrass, Fog, and Coral.

Later this year, though, Google is preparing to give the Pixel Buds Pro their first new colors since launch.

To match the Pixel 8 Pro, as we reported earlier this week, the Pixel Buds Pro will be adding new off-white and blue color variants, apparently called “Porcelain” and “Sky Blue” according to Paras Guglani, a leaker on Twitter/X, who further backs up our own sourcing. We’ve made mockups to show a rough approximation of what these colors should look like as you can see above and below.

These colors will closely match the Pixel 8 Pro, which we’ve already seen in “Porcelain” through an official image that Google briefly posted on its website, and the new blue color through a leaked advertisement.

The new color variants will presumably be made available around the same time as Pixel 8, which Google is set to launch on October 4. Hardware appears unchanged, and we expect the same price as well.

Image: What Pixel Buds Pro could look like in ‘Porcelain’.

Notably, these colors appear to have been in the works for quite some time. Back in July 2022, around the same time the earbuds first launched, we found evidence within the Pixel Buds companion app that pointed to black, grey, “clear,” and porcelain colors. That same report also first revealed the possibility of a…

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