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The leaks keep coming, and after several major Pixel 8 leaks over the weekend and this morning, a new leaked ad for the Pixel Watch 2 is confirming new health features, bands, and more.

A leaked ad posted by 91Mobiles [Video] offers up a minute of Pixel Watch 2 info straight from the horse’s mouth. The video gives a good overview of what’s new on Pixel Watch 2, including a host of new health features that kick off the presentation.

New features for health include an updated health sensor that we’ve seen in previous leaks and official teasers of the watch, as well as confirmation of a skin temperature sensor and the use of Fitbit’s Stress features that come from the EDA sensor we previously spotted.

Also shown is a revamped UI for Fitbit workouts, with “target pace” and zones for your heart rate. Google Assistant integration with Fitbit is also mentioned. Citing a document that isn’t shown, 91Mobiles adds that Pixel Watch 2 will be able to make continuous EDA (cEDA) readings, add “Pace Training” for workouts, and also automatic “start and stop reminders” for workouts.

Also shown off in the ad is “Safety Check” on the Pixel Watch 2, a feature that’s already available on Pixel phones. The feature allows users to set a timer where, if they haven’t “checked in” by the end of it, their contacts are notified.

Notably, we reported on much of this previously.

Beyond that, the ad also shows off a bunch of new bands that are coming with Pixel Watch 2. These include from what we can see in the video:

  • A new blue Active band (and what seems to be a tweaked white color to match Pixel 8 Pro)
  • Coral, blue, black, and porcelain “Sport” bands
  • A metal slim band
  • A blue version of the Woven band

Again, referenced in the ad is a “USB-C Fast Charger” we heard of…

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