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Back in January, we shared that Google is working on two sizes for its next Wear OS device. 9to5Google can now report that a 45mm Pixel Watch 3 is coming, while new Pixel Buds Pro 2 are also in development.

45mm Pixel Watch 3

In offering two sizes, Google is addressing the biggest complaint about the Pixel Watch. For some, the current 41mm model is just too small.

According to a source, the bigger of the two Pixel Watch 3 units will be 45mm for what should be a significant difference on the wrist.

That larger size would match the Apple Watch Series 9. Samsung offers the Galaxy Watch 6 in 40mm and 44mm sizes, while Galaxy Watch 6 Classic is available in 43mm and 47mm.

We expect Google’s smaller wearable to remain around the current 41mm size, which is great for those who prefer smaller watches. While we don’t expect the UI to change between the two Pixel Watch 3 sizes, some faces, like Adventure, and apps (Gmail) should really benefit from the extra screen real estate.

Speaking of software, we previously reported that Wear OS 5 based on Android 14 is coming. Meanwhile, Google made a big deal this week about the Wear OS hybrid interface that dramatically boosts battery life by heavily leveraging the microcontroller unit (or MCU) instead of the application processor (AP). The Pixel Watch has had a co-processor since the beginning, and Google credited it for allowing per-second heart rate readings.

New Pixel Buds Pro 2

Meanwhile, we’re also hearing that Google is working on new Pixel Buds Pro 2 headphones. They’ve been in development for some time. We’re unsure of the name at launch, but Google previously used the…

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