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Apple has been doing a great job with its Apple Silicon “M” chips for computers, as they deliver more performance without consuming too much power. On the other side, Qualcomm and Microsoft have been trying to develop a competitor to the Apple Silicon Macs. While the first attempts were unsuccessful, it seems that Qualcomm’s latest CPU has finally beaten Apple’s M1 and is catching up with M2 in terms of performance.

Qualcomm’s new CPU is almost as fast as M2

As reported by Windows Latest, benchmark results for Qualcomm’s new Snapdragon 8cx Gen 4 chip, internally known as “Hamoa,” have surfaced on Geekbech. Interestingly, while previous versions of Qualcomm’s ARM chips failed to beat Apple’s M1, this one finally did.

The Geekbench test results for Qualcomm’s new CPU reveal a single-core score of 1197 and a multi-core score of 9337. The Snapdragon 8cx Gen 4 has eight performance cores and four efficiency cores. Both the M1 and M2 have four performance cores and four efficiency cores. But how do all these chips compare?

M1 and M2 are still much better in single-core. However, because the new Snapdragon chip has more cores, it was able to beat the M1’s multi-core performance and came very close to the M2’s performance.

Single-core Multi-core
Apple M1 2334 8316
Apple M2 2589 9742
Snapdragon 8cx Gen 3 1107 5893
Snapdragon 8cx Gen 4 1197 9337

The report mentions that the new Snapdragon 8cx Gen 4 is being developed by Nuvia, a startup founded in 2019 by former engineers from the Apple Silicon team and which was acquired by Qualcomm in 2021 for $1.4 billion. These engineers are believed to be behind recent advances in ARM processors for Windows PCs.

Numbers aren’t everything

Of course, raw performance numbers aren’t everything, and there are a few other things to consider. For example, because Qualcomm’s…

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