Samsung boosts trade-ins for Galaxy S23 and Fold 5 in early deals | Phones

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Just weeks before the madness of finding a good deal begins, Samsung is boosting trade-in credit when you buy the Galaxy S23 Ultra or Z Fold 5, with up to $800 credit.

We tend to suggest pre-ordering if you’re going to upgrade for one simple reason – the trade-in credit. During launch events, Samsung offers some nice trade-in boosts to make the switch a little bit easier. It usually brings your trade-in values up by a couple of hundred dollars, which is a decent bonus when you want to upgrade.

For those who missed the pre-order train, Samsung is bringing some deals back, offering $400 boosts on some phones from the previous generation. For those who want to try the Galaxy Z Fold 5, this might be a good time to trade your S22 or S23 in for an upgrade to one of the best foldables available.

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Depending on what you’re looking at, Samsung is handing out an extra $400 for some trade-ins, and even $710 if you’re moving from a Fold 3 to a Fold 5. Below is a full table of some of the trade-ins we think are worth taking advantage of.

Opting to buy a Galaxy Z Fold 5 is going to net you the best trade-in values during Samsung’s boost period. The Z Fold 3 is the biggest upgrade, getting up to $1,000 for a foldable that’s two generations old. If you were ever looking to upgrade foldable, that’s one of the best offerings we’ve seen.

The Galaxy S23 Ultra also gets some good trade-in boosts, with the S22+ getting you $600 back instead of $200. Keep in mind that Samsung is also boosting offers across the board for the S22 and S22+, as well.

Samsung is also extending some deals to the Galaxy Watch 6, giving up to $200 back for the Watch 5 Pro and Watch 4 Classic. If you head to Samsung’s web store, you can look through each early Black Friday deal and…

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