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Samsung has all but perfected its formula for a flagship smartphone at this point, and the Galaxy S24 Ultra is the logical 2024 step for that project – just throwing a bunch of AI at the problem. But at a new and higher price of $1,300, Samsung has a lot to deliver on.


All hail the flat screen

The single biggest improvement Samsung made to the hardware this year is moving to a completely flat pane of glass over the display.


The flat, 6.8-inch panel feels bigger to a negligible degree, and has slightly more noticeable bezels, but in terms of usability and looks, this is a major improvement. The squared-off look of this revived Galaxy Note is just so unique in a 2024 smartphone, and I love it. The flat panel also feels better under the S Pen now, and just looks better too. Where the sides of Samsung’s curved screens always seemed to find reflections in every place I wanted to use the device, the Galaxy S24 Ultra’s screen just gets to shine without anything getting in the way, only improved by the anti-reflective qualities of Corning’s new “Gorilla Armor” glass.

And, speaking of shine, the display underneath is just an absolute beauty. It’s easily the best part of the entire device.

The Super AMOLED panel is sharp as ever, but now even brighter at 2,600 nits. And the quality is just wonderful. I’d say the difference is less noticeable as the competition has gotten better – there’s not a steep difference in quality compared to say the iPhone 15 Pro, Pixel 8 Pro, or OnePlus 12 – but this is still one of, if not the best display on a mobile phone today. It can do some new things too,…

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