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In the vast universe of Starfield, you can recruit many reliable and skilled companions to join your crew and help you explore the galaxy. One of the earliest companions you will recruit is Vasco, a robot owned by the Constellation organization designed to aid space explorers.

Aside from Vasco’s exceptional combat and exploration capabilities, what makes him stand out is his unique ability to call you by your name. When you first create a character, you can design their appearance, and give them a name of your choosing. If your name is part of this list, you’ll actually be included in the game’s dialogue occasionally, as opposed to simply being referred to as ‘captain’. Vasco will primarily refer to you by your PC’s given name if it is registered in its databanks, akin to Fallout 4’s robot companion, Cogsworth.

Recently, data miners have discovered (via reddit, @IdleSloth84_) the full list of names that Vasco can refer the player character to in-game. We have organized that list to help you find out if Vasco will be able to say your name and enhance your immersion in one of the best Xbox games and best PC games of 2023.

Starfield: List of names Vasco can call the player – A

aaliyah • aaron • abigail • abram • abrams • adalyn • adam • adams • addison • adeline • adrian • ahn • aideen • aiden • akira • al • alaina • alan • alana • aldrin • alex • alexander • alexandra • alexis • alice • alison • allen • allison • altman • alyssa • amanda • amelia • ana • andersen • anderson • andonov • andrew • andy • angel • angela • anna • annabelle • anthony • archer • aria • arianna • armstrong • ash • asher • ashford • ashley • asimov • aspen • assface • atkins • atkinson • atom • atomic • atticus • aubrey • aubuchon • audrey • austin • autumn • ava • avery

Starfield: List of names Vasco can call the player – B

bacon •…

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