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Eventually, you’ll come to a point with the main Starfield plotline where you’ll be required to get a ship that has a Grav Jump range of 21LY or higher. As emotionally attached as I am to my first ship, the Frontier, this spacecraft just won’t cut it. You’ll need to get another vessel so that you can journey to far off solar systems and continue the storyline to the end.

Not sure what to do? No worries! I’m here to help you so you know where to go to purchase a ship. Plus, I’ll add in a few tips for making credits so you can afford a new spacecraft. The ability to acquire a fleet of ships is just one reason why Starfield is one of the best Xbox games and best PC games out there.

WARNING: This page contains spoiler plot points that occur later in Starfield’s main storyline. Do not read further unless you don’t mind reading them.

How to get a ship with a Grav Jump 21LY range

You’ll want to talk to the worker near the yellow kiosk by the ship landing platform on New Atlantis. (Image credit: Windows Central)

Once you’ve spoken with the two Starborn aboard the Scorpius, they’ll ask you to meet them out in a distant solar system. However, your first ship, the Frontier, does not have a good enough Jump Drive to travel that far. So, you’ll need to acquire a ship that has a 21LY Grav Jump or larger. Here’s where to get one.

  1. Return to the ship landing platform on New Atlantis.
  2. Speak to the man standing next to the yellow kiosk by the landing platform.
  3. Tell him you want to see some available ships.
  4. Look through the ships he has for sale and select one with that says 21 LY or higher.
  5. Purchase the ship to add it to your fleet.
    • The Rambler is an excellent ship choice if you don’t have a ton of credits to spare. It doesn’t have the best combat specs, but it can get you far at a lower price point.

Now that you have a Grav Jump 21LY ship,…

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