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Samsung’s “Fan Edition” devices trim the fat of full-fledged Galaxy devices and offer a good device at a great price. The Galaxy Tab S9 FE fits that mold perfectly, resulting in a tablet that can do everything well in a superior build, which is all you probably ever need.

The Android tablet market is dominated by Samsung, and it has been for quite some time. There are some competitive honorable mentions, like Lenovo’s Tab Extreme, but that’ll set you back quite a bit, and offers a work-centric experience that many users just don’t need.

For the casual user, Samsung’s Galaxy Tab S9 FE is the perfect option. It’s a “Fan Edition” device, which means it offers the quintessential Samsung experience with a couple of corners cut. But with the Tab S9 FE, all that comes down to is a device built specifically for the general user in mind, and that includes me.

For comparison, I have an iPad Pro and love it. It does everything I need it to and more. But the “more” part is completely wasted on me. I don’t need good graphics performance for gaming; I have cloud gaming. I don’t need video editing prowess because I don’t edit content on mobile devices, let alone tablets.

And yes, it’s iPadOS, so it’s proven to run well. But let me tell you, as someone who doesn’t prefer Samsung’s One UI over stock Android, I think One UI shines brightest on larger screen devices like the Tab S9 FE.

Build & Design

Samsung’s Galaxy tablets have evolved over the years to fit a gorgeous design language. The Tab S9 FE takes the same design as the Tab S9 – the Galaxy Tab it was based on – and changes almost nothing.

The entire device is encased in an aluminum chassis. The Gray colorway looks sharp and gives the Tab S9 FE a very sleek profile. The edges are sharp but not pointy, and the antenna lines that run across…

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