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It turns out that there is quite a large list of Starfield cheats to utilize that can make the game a whole lot easier to play. Need more ammo? Type in a cheat. Want a specific gun? There’s a cheat for that. Need a bunch of credits? Cheats will give them to you. Wanna make it so you can’t take die? God Mode or Immortal Mode will satisfy your needs.

Thankfully, the processes for activating Starfield cheats is incredibly simple. You’ll just need to enter the proper codes and you’ll find yourself being able to manipulate the world around you as well as the NPCs around you. Here’s a list of Starfield cheat codes and how to use them.

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How to use cheats and codes in Starfield

There are several settlements to explore in Starfield. (Image credit: Windows Central)

If you’re playing Starfield on PC then you’ll be able to access the command console where cheat codes can be entered. Unfortunately, this is not available when playing Starfield on Xbox. Just be warned that entering some of these codes will disable achievements. Here’s how to enter cheat codes into the command console.

  1. Bring up the Starfield pause menu.
  2. Press the Tilde key (~).
  3. Enter the code you want to use in the command console that now appears.

Quick list of the best Starfield cheat codes

You can give yourself a ton of credits using Starfield cheat codes. (Image credit: Windows Central).
Cheat Code & Explaination
God Mode tgm — Provides unlimited ammo and invincibility
Immortal Mode tim — Makes it so health can’t get below 0
Player Spellbook psb — Unlocks all powers
Add Items to Inventory player.additem (Item ID) (Value) — Let’s you add specified items to your inventory using the proper Item ID
Unlock Doors and Containers unlock — Opens locked boxes or doors that are targeted
Toggle Detect tdetect — Effects whether or not NPCs detect you
Toggle Combat AI tcai — Effects whether or not combat AI targets you
Attach Weapon Mods (Ref ID).amod…

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