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Whether you’re a professional like an electrician, HVAC technician, building inspector, or engineer or want a way to take better care of your home, farm, or business, a thermal camera is a valuable tool. With a compact design and ultra-high resolution, the TOPDON TC002 Thermal Camera for iPhone and iPad is a powerful device at an affordable price. Keep reading for all the details and a limited-time $70 discount.

While traditional thermal cameras have been larger standalone and often expensive devices, the TOPDON TC002 Thermal Camera leverages the high-quality screen and battery of your existing iPhone or iPad via the Lightning Port or iPhone 15 and newer iPads with an included Lightning to USB-C adapter.

Even though the TC002 features a super compact and portable design (just 1.1 oz and 2.8 x 1.65 x 0.55 inch), it features an ultra-high 256×192 resolution. That spec is found on standalone thermal imaging devices costing hundreds more. The ultra-high res delivers excellent accuracy and clarity so you can easily read your targets.

There are so many use cases where a thermal camera is the perfect tool, including air and water leakage detection, electrical and HVAC inspections, automotive inspections, veterinary work, protecting livestock and crops, beekeeping, and much more.

The TC002 features a huge temperature testing range of -4°F to +1022°F. That means it can deliver accurate readings in any climate, even winter.

TOPDON has designed this thermal camera with both advanced capabilities and user-friendliness. You’ve got image rotation, 11 different palettes to customize your setup, Picture-in-Picture mode, and even the…

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