Twelve South today announced the launch of the BookArc Flex, a new stand designed for MacBooks that are used in clamshell mode while connected to a display.

The BookArc Flex has a unique build that features a two legs connected by a flexible interior piece. A laptop is placed in the middle on the flexible part, which pulls the legs together to secure it upright using the weight of the laptop.

Twelve South says that the design was inspired by the Noisette Creek Pedestrian Bridge in Charleston, South Carolina. The bridge has two steel arches that are indeed similar to the design of the BookArc Flex.

We were able to test the BookArc Flex ahead of its launch, and while the design works well, it is important to ensure the laptop goes directly in the center of the stand. It’s not difficult to do, and placing the laptop correctly ensures that it remains secure. If it’s not placed in the center, however, it can shift out of place, though a misalignment is quickly noticeable.

The construction of the BookArc Flex allows it to work with laptops of multiple sizes without different inserts, and it is compatible with the MacBook Air and MacBook Pro from Apple. The slim size of the BookArc Flex ensures that it does not take up too much room on a desk, and it tucks a MacBook out of the way when used in clamshell mode.

Twelve South’s BookArc Flex is priced starting at $50 it is available today from the Twelve South website.

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