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In recent weeks, Beeper, the app that lets you connect all of your chat apps in one place, has picked up some added functionality with support for Google Messages RCS alongside Apple’s iMessage. But, the app is still invite-only. This week, though, we’ll be giving away a bunch of Beeper invites – here’s how to you can get them.

What’s the deal with Beeper?

Beeper’s claim to fame is its ability to connect several different messaging apps and have all of your messages together in one place. WhatsApp, Signal, Telegram, Google Chat, and others are all supported, but the real attraction for many is the cross-platform support of both Apple’s iMessage and Google Messages RCS.

By linking these accounts, you can use RCS on an iPhone, and iMessage on Android, which is a compelling offer. Of course, there are privacy implications with this, as iMessage integration requires signing into your Apple ID through Beeper. Other apps, such as Google Messages, are a bit less “intrusive” on privacy, as they piggyback off of existing linking methods.

The app was founded by former Pebble founder, Eric Migicovsky, and has published a detailed privacy policy.

9to5Google’s Newsletter will be delivering Beeper invites

As it stands today, Beeper is free to use (a subscription is coming), but the app is still limited to a waitlist for new users. Referrals have recently become available to allow users to invite up to five other users, but it’s still hard to get access.

We’ve teamed up with Beeper to give away 500 invites for our loyal readers.

These will be provided on a first-come, first-serve basis. To avoid the invites being snapped up in a matter of seconds, though, we’ll be offering them exclusively through our email newsletter.

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