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Last week, we reported that Android 14 contains hints of a new Chromecast with Google TV, and while that device doesn’t appear to be coming imminently, it’s still an exciting prospect. What would you want from a new version?

In the latest beta for Android 14 for Android TV OS, there’s a brief animation that shows a clearly new design for the remote included with Chromecast with Google TV. The updated remote has reorganized buttons, but the same basic design. That’s good news overall, as the Chromecast’s compact and easy-to-use remote has been a highlight of the device since its 2020 debut.

That animation showed up a few months after our Kyle Bradshaw reported in January of this year that a new Chromecast with Google TV was in the works.

But, at this point, we still don’t really know much of anything about Google’s plans. The original Chromecast with Google TV launched in late 2020 and the low-cost “HD” model then arrived in 2022.

The door is really wide open to what Google could be doing with an updated Chromecast. The existing streaming dongle on its own is due for an update. Google has, in the time since, had a pretty heavy focus on the AV1 protocol, which the original “Sabrina” dongle doesn’t support on a hardware level. So, at the very least, that’s something we can expect from new hardware.

Common complaints about the existing Chromecast could also focus on common user complaints of the device. That could, and should, include more onboard storage. The 8GB of the existing model is highly restrictive, and a cap that users hit often. Performance is another area where Google could easily make improvements. While Chromecast with Google TV isn’t as slow as many built-in TV OS’s, it’s a far cry from something like an Nvidia Shield TV, Apple TV, or honestly even a Roku in some cases.


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