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In short order, the explosion of generative AI technology has changed the way we read and write for one another, especially in journalism and blogging. While the many AI tools all appear to be useful on the surface, I fear we’ve lost our human connection along the way.

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Rather than individually stringing hand-chosen words into intentional sentences, it’s now possible to use tools like ChatGPT or Google Gemini to turn a short summary into a full-length blog post. While I’m sure that a few well-meaning authors out there may be using these tools to simply speed up their workflows, there are significantly more bad actors who are turning to AI to create content instead of hiring writers.

For every painstaking original work, there are a dozen near-copies that were automatically digested, rewritten, and republished by a machine. Google Search, somehow seeming to not know any better – or worse, not carehappily surfaces these reproductions, affording them equal standing and therefore equal viewership, though that’s supposed to change.

Even our personal communications are not immune to the influence of AI. Need a cover letter? Ask ChatGPT or Gemini. Having trouble with an email? Gmail has “Help me write.” Not sure how to continue a friendly conversation? Google Messages offers contextual “Magic Compose.”

Meanwhile, AI has become just as infectious on the reader’s end. Rather than actually reading what someone has…

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