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The era of AI continues, as the technology continues to form the basis of a ton of new features across virtually every piece of new tech. But, as impressive as it all is, the term “AI” already feels wildly overused.

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AI features can be genuinely impressive. ChatGPT, Google’s Bard, image generators, and everything else built on the back of recent AI innovations has been simply incredible. But, in the wake of that popularity, AI has become a buzzword for everything.

One of the best examples of that right now is the Galaxy S24 series, where Samsung is effectively selling its new phones on “Galaxy AI” and the new features backed up by Google’s Gemini models. Some of these new features are really impressive, but at the same time, it really feels like we’re calling everything AI when it doesn’t need to be.

For example, the Galaxy S24 series includes an “Interpreter” mode for translating languages on the fly for an in-person conversation. It works rather well, but it’s also not a new idea. Google Translate has done this for a long time, and “AI” has never been a part of the pitch for the feature. It’s always been going on in the background, but Google has never really shouted “AI!” from the rooftops here.

So, why is that the case with Samsung’s version? Because that’s the buzzword of the day. The same goes for the little suggestion chips in Samsung’s Gallery app that suggest…

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