While the Apple Vision Pro supports Bluetooth, Apple said today in a support document that there is no guarantee that third-party Bluetooth accessories and devices will be compatible. Apple did, however, provide information on what will work for sure.


All current models of AirPods and Beats headphones are able to connect to the Vision Pro. Apple recommends the AirPods Pro 2 with USB-C Charging Case for the best experience because it supports Lossless Audio and ultra-low latency, while older AirPods models do not.


Most Bluetooth keyboards made by Apple and other manufacturers will work with the Vision Pro. The Vision Pro is not compatible with older Apple keyboards that use removable batteries.

The Vision Pro has a virtual keyboard that can be used, but for anything beyond entering a password or typing a quick message, users will want a Bluetooth keyboard.

Mice and Trackpads

The ‌Apple Vision Pro‌ does not work with Bluetooth mice at all. It does work with the Apple Magic Trackpad, but older Trackpads with removable batteries are not compatible, nor are trackpads from other manufacturers.


All Made for iPhone Bluetooth controllers can connect to the Vision Pro, including Xbox and PlayStation controllers. Apple says that any controller that works with iPadOS will work with Vision Pro.

Hearing Devices

Made for ‌iPhone‌ hearing devices are able to connect to the Vision Pro. Some models by Phonak, IQBud, and Poco are also compatible with the headset.

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